7 Best Things to Do in Antiparos

Cycladic islands have a mesmerizing beauty difficult to describe. During the summer time especially, you will feel like you are in a dream, fascinated by the beautiful blue and white colors all around. Another small heaven, right across the beautiful island of Paros, is Antiparos. Hop on the small ferry right at the port of Paros, if the weather is appropriate or take the bus to Pounda Port for the ferry and in 25 minutes total you can start exploring this small upcoming vacation islet. If you are staying at one of our exclusive villas you will have plenty of time to get around and maybe have the time of your life!

Stroll in the picturesque alleys

The charming “Chora” of Antiparos is only a few meters away from the port. Easily accessible on foot, makes it the perfect place to spend your evening and fall in love with its picturesque alleys and breathtaking Bougainvilleas decorating the graphical houses.

Eat by the sunset

Even if you are not a romantic soul yourself, you will definitely turn into one, if you watch the sun dive into the endless blue water of the Aegean sea. Better yet finish off your stroll at “Sifneiko” beach, savor the cycladic tastes during a candlelit dinner and enjoy an astonishing sunset you will never forget.


Drink a cocktail

Although a rather small island, Antiparos has many bars and clubs where you can spend a fun night out. From traditional greek drinks to more elegant cocktails, chora is filled with life during high season. Dress up and if you are up for it, watch the sunrise while listening to great music and feeling the carefree vibe of summer on your body.

Surf like a local

When you think of surfing, the mind directly roams to California or Hawaii. Not many know this, but Greece has some respectable spots all around if the weather is appropriate.
The waves might not be as high as the sky, but you can definitely have some fun. At Livadia beach, you may rent a board or bring your own and have a play day session that you will cherish for a long time.


Go for a refreshing dip

Midsummer is known for its high temperatures. What better thing to do, than dip into the refreshing crystal clear waters of Antiparos. Around the island you can find organised beaches with charming beach bars to secluded ones, where you can enjoy the day and relax. Choose your favorite means of transportation and start exploring.

Visit the Apollo temple in Despotiko

Right across Antiparos, is even a smaller one called Despotiko. Although it is not inhabited, it is full of history. In the past few years there have been new discoveries and after the latest excavations the ancient temple of god Apollo has arised. The crystal clear turquoise waters around Despotiko and the amazing temple are undoubtedly worth seeing. Catch a boat and let the ancient Greek grace astonish you.


Take some memories with you

After an unforgettable trip in Antiparos you will be filled with memories and feelings you can take back home that will last a lifetime. On a stroll in Chora, in traditional shops you can find beautiful souvenirs or even take a seashell from your favorite beach with you to look at and remember the wonderful time you had in charming Antiparos.