FAQ: Useful tips before traveling to Paros

Once you’ve booked your villa or suite with us – there is nothing in your way for a beautiful vacation in an impressive house including exquisite concierge services. Even though our on-the-ground team will be there for your requests and needs once you are in Paros – we have completed a list of things you … Continued

4 Amazing View-Spots in Paros

The Cyclades are famous for their breathtaking land- and seascapes. Bright days portray endless blue waters that harmonize with sand-coloured lands. Sights get even more impressive when the “magic hour” arrives, where the sinking sun colors skies in flaming shades. Such scenery is very common in Paros. And even though views are beautiful all over … Continued

9 Ideas for Sustainable Travel in Greece

Living in a time where pollution is a big problem, we all should give our best and try to help the environment every way we can. As a company we have a vision to improve other people’s lives. To be able to do that, we care about the smallest to the biggest details that would … Continued

7 Best Things to Do in Antiparos

Cycladic islands have a mesmerizing beauty difficult to describe. During the summer time especially, you will feel like you are in a dream, fascinated by the beautiful blue and white colors all around. Another small heaven, right across the beautiful island of Paros, is Antiparos. Hop on the small ferry right at the port of … Continued

Traditional Food of Paros You Must Try!

Parians have had their own food habits for many years. If you look at our grandparents’ generation and talk to older people, you will realise how they are happier with the little things. Since the war, they learned to appreciate the local products that grew unsparingly on their own on hills and valleys. They have found … Continued

11 sport activities in Paros you must try

We know that once you have arrived in Greece and settled in your beautiful villa in Paros or Antiparos you will not want to leave the comfort of your sunbed by the pool. However, it is worth exploring some sport activities and getting in touch with your energetic side! The beautiful island of Paros attracts … Continued

6 Reasons to Book a Villa With Blueviu

Most of us wait a long time until we can enjoy our vacation. We daydream of a tasteful breakfast on a sunny day by the pool, getting a relaxing massage in the spa and sipping some cocktails during the sunset at the bar of a nice hotel. Usually this idyllic scenery doesn’t correspond to the … Continued

The 5 Best Beaches in Paros

Kolympithres Beach Summer Paros by Blueviu

The time you couldn’t wait for anymore is finally here! You pack your bags full of excitement and get ready to relax by the pool in a dream villa at one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Although it’s tempting to just lay on the comfortable sunbed of your summer home, you definitely shouldn’t miss … Continued

6 Hidden Gems of Paros

Frankish Castle Paros Island Greece

Paros became very popular over the last few years, winning international contests as the most beloved island in Europe. That is of course of no surprise, since it has more than a lot to offer. Long golden sandy beaches, amazing nature and wonderful people are only a few reasons why this island is one of … Continued