9 Ideas for Sustainable Travel in Greece

Living in a time where pollution is a big problem, we all should give our best and try to help the environment every way we can. As a company we have a vision to improve other people’s lives. To be able to do that, we care about the smallest to the biggest details that would make an impact. Sustainability is one of our biggest concerns and takes priority in our work ethics and everyday life. This is why we gathered a few ideas on how you as a visitor can also make a difference, even on your vacation.

Shop with your own bags

This has to be the simplest way to promote sustainable tourism. On my travels, I have used a tote bag to carry all my groceries or gifts I wanted to take back home. When you do this, you help eliminate the pollution through plastic bags that fly all over, fill up with water and waste our environment.

Support local initiatives

Paros is proud to be a part of the first islands that have set the goal of becoming plastic-free in the upcoming years. Organisations, such as Common Seas that brought to life the initiative Clean Blue Paros, have been formed to promote such goals and protect the island and its wildlife. As a visitor you can engage in activities that these organisations arrange. By helping the environment you’ll probably end up with a bunch of new friends.

A/C and lights

During summer time the temperature can rise so much that you will feel the need to leave the A/C constantly on at your villa. There is, though, a more eco-friendly option. When you open two windows across the room you will create a short passage for the wind to blow and cool the air. Otherwise, just remember to turn the air-conditioning and the lights off when you don’t need them anymore. You’ll definitely make a difference.

Reuse towels etc

If you are staying at your villa for a longer period of time, try to reuse the towels  and sheets instead of changing them daily.

Have your own mugs & water bottles 

Another easy way to help reduce plastic and plastic bottles that seem to be everywhere on the ground, is to have reusable water bottles and coffee mugs. On the island we promote sustainable living as much as we can. This is why you will find many spots in Paros to refill your water bottles. Some coffee places support this and will even give you a discount on your coffee when you bring your own mug.

Choose local vendors and small businesses

Big companies and franchise products have taken over the business of local vendors, which is consequently not good for the environment. Transportation of products generates high amounts of carbon dioxide and pollutes the atmosphere. So it’s best to support local businesses like local supermarkets, bakeries, and smaller local companies that offer tours or car hire. This way you help promote the local economy and sustainable tourism.

Take care of your rubbish

As it is too windy in Greece sometimes, it is very easy that garbage will fly away before you even notice. Be consistent about gathering your garbage when you go to the beach and dispose them correctly in the big bins you will find everywhere around the island.

Take a walk or ride your bicycle instead of using a car

During the summer time islands tend to be overcrowded. Cars and scooters create a lot of traffic jams and the carbon emissions pollute the air. To prevent that you can have a bicycle to do your small grocery shopping or walk to nearby places from your villa, if possible. The most efficient way to enjoy the views of the island is by walking. Taking each step slowly and taking everything in. 

Be sure to light out your cigarettes

As mentioned before, it can get very windy in Greece, which makes it during high temperatures very dangerous for fires to start and expand. When you light a cigarette or any other flammable object, be sure that it is completely extinguished before disposal. Around the island you will find many cigarette disposal boxes which are a local initiative and motivate people to use them, each time through a different poll.