11 sport activities in Paros you must try

We know that once you have arrived in Greece and settled in your beautiful villa in Paros or Antiparos you will not want to leave the comfort of your sunbed by the pool. However, it is worth exploring some sport activities and getting in touch with your energetic side! The beautiful island of Paros attracts many sport enthusiasts and athletes during the spring and summer season. It is no wonder that professional windsurfing and kitesurfing world competitions take place there. Though your vacation villa will be so dreamy that you will find it difficult to part with your outdoor lounge, the well organised locations and staff will provide unforgettable experiences in every sport you’ll choose to try out.


A beloved sport from many locals and tourists who visit the beautiful beaches like New Golden Beach, Golden Beach and Santa Maria to feel the thrill behind the sail. The stronger winds will reward you mostly during July till September, making Paros the ideal place for windsurfing.


Also a very popular sport in Paros. Very close to Pounda port, right across the beautiful Antiparos you will find two well equipped kitesurfing schools. World and national championships also often take place there. So, if you are experienced or just want to have your first lessons, don’t miss out on this opportunity.


Though you have to get a bit lucky with the wind to go surfing, it is still possible on some spots around Paros and Antiparos to get some waves. Depending on the wind direction you will find some smaller waves. Parasporos beach in Paros often has some waves. Livadia Beach in Antiparos is a well known spot to the local and visiting surfers as North and Northwestern winds bring nice mushy waves.


Get ready to have fun on a wakeboard and feel the speed take over your senses. Ride over the crystal clear waters of Paros and Antiparos and perform jumps, tricks and skillful maneuvers, feeling the adrenaline going up. Even if you are a beginner, you can have wakeboarding lessons with very experienced teachers or join summer camp sessions to become an expert. Contact the Blueviu Team to arrange lessons with professional wakeboarding schools.


Paros has beautiful spots for exploring underwater rock formations and wildlife. Impressive underwater scenery with lots of different fish awaits and if you are lucky enough you might even see a turtle! You can find regular excursion trips around the island that will fill you with memories you will cherish forever.


Paros is not the kind of island that has the highest mountains on the Cyclades, yet there are many possibilities to go hiking all around. Many routes and paths with breathtaking views will leave you speechless.
Paros Park, near Monastiri beach, has three routes alone, with one leading up to a beautiful lighthouse. You can definitely make a day out of it, walk by the beautiful paths and finish off with a refreshing dip into the crystal clear waters of the beaches nearby. If you are a hiking enthusiast, grab your shoes and get ready to walk the different paths and explore the island in a unique way.

Stand Up Paddle

Grab a SUP board and paddle to connect with the remarkable blue colours of the Aegean. Windsurfing, watersports and kitesurfing schools rent out SUP gear in Paros. So, whenever you are in the mood to clear your mind while exercising physically you can explore the tranquility the waters and beaches of Paros have to offer.

Scuba Diving

The same applies of course for scuba diving. Many experienced diving schools around the island will introduce you to the unexpected breathtaking underwater views of Paros. Caves, beautiful reefs and shipwrecks await to be discovered. Book any kind of experience level course or rent equipment to explore the diverse diving spots.


On the island of Paros the wind blows quite often. Therefore, the options around the island to learn how to sail are plenty. If you are in a group or looking for a private lesson, you can book a course from beginner to advanced skippers level or just rent out the boat if you are experienced and sail away into the Aegean. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to combine your vacation with sailing courses and feel the summer breeze on your skin.


What a better way to relax than to find the perfect spot and do a rejuvenating yoga session. Paros has the ultimate environment to relax and connect to your inner self. Breathtaking views will help you calm physically, spiritually and mentally. Find the true meaning of serenity and book your next yoga session in Paros or privately under the comfort of your peaceful villa.

Horse Riding

Have you ever dreamt of riding a beautiful horse on a golden sand beach under the Aegean sky? Take a sunrise tour and ride on the beautiful trails along the coast, or go into the water with your trustful horse companion for an unforgettable experience.