6 Reasons to Book a Villa With Blueviu

Most of us wait a long time until we can enjoy our vacation. We daydream of a tasteful breakfast on a sunny day by the pool, getting a relaxing massage in the spa and sipping some cocktails during the sunset at the bar of a nice hotel. Usually this idyllic scenery doesn’t correspond to the truth. Overcrowded sun-beds, long queues and slow service are only a few setbacks that tend to overwhelm us during our holiday. What if there was another way you could make the most out of your vacation? Booking a villa for your next holiday has a lot to offer and is the new luxurious way of travel. So here is our top 6 reasons list to book a villa for your next trip:


Imagine laying by the pool, without any people around. You can be totally yourself, wear whatever you want, sing like you’ve never had before. The complete villa is at your disposal during your whole stay. No disturbance from prying eyes. A useful and discreet staff that will assist you whenever you wish can be arranged with the manager. So don’t wait any longer, gather the people you love and have a memorable carefree stay in your private paradise.

Excellent Service

Among direct and easy communication with the manager (your concierge) you get a whole lot more services, which can be arranged to make your stay even better. Fine details make a difference and elevate your stay from basic to luxurious. This is why butlers, housekeepers, private chefs and more are there for. A friendly yet professional staff will be there to serve you with a smile and brighten up your day.


Getting a whole villa to yourself, directly means more space, quality and variety. Forget the tiny hotel room where you can’t wait to get out of, after your night sleep. Take a walk in the terrace or garden, read a book in the living room or have a dip in the pool without any disturbance from others. Impeccable taste and beautiful interiors will give an extra touch of luxury to your day. Decide between villas with private gym areas, game rooms, barbeques, home cinemas and more. Your personal manager can arrange for you spa therapists, private trainers etc. that will come upon request at your own home villa and will make you forget about waiting in line for the next appointment.

Value for Money

When you first look at the price of a villa, you might get discouraged. In reality what most people don’t directly realise is that a villa can be much more cost-effective than a hotel room. Gather your favorite people and split the cost. At the end you will realise that the price is noticeably less than a hotel room, considering also how much flexibility and peacefulness you get in your own private villa.

Peacefulness & Flexibility

What better feeling to start your day than don’t having to set an alarm clock for the next day. Forget running to the buffet or waiting in the queue for a sun-bed or treadmill to be available. All meals can be arranged at your ideal time with your favorite ingredients and all facilities are available whenever you wish to use them. No housekeeping knocking at your door at inappropriate times, evening curfews, or weird conversation with random hotel guests. Everything is set at your own pace and relaxing is the only thing on your to-do list.

Feel Like Home

When renting a villa, you rent a short stay home. It goes without saying that all you’ll ever need for your everyday use will be at your disposal. Leave your book by the pool to get back to it later, cook your own meal and prepare your breakfast. Host a small gathering by the pool or even a party to avoid big crowds on the island. A bartender or housekeeper can be arranged to help with all the extra work, so you can spend quality time with your guests and be a marvelous host at your private villa.